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Donald McLaurin Testament 1686

 The Testament of Donald McLaurin - 1686

This Testament links the 'Lorn to Carolinas McLaurins' to the 'Edinburgh MacLaurins' through Drumurch in north Glenaray, not far from Dalmally where Duncan McLaren MP's Memorial is located, whose family is from the Isle of Lismore. There are numerous McLaurin families living in nearby Stronmagachan and to the east in nearby Strath of Orchy, according to parish records.

The Cautioneer (Executor) is Hew McLaurin from Drumurch, John MacLaurin who became clan chief in 1781 cites in his Petition to the Lyon Court that his ancestor Donald MacLaurin Esq. married Katherine MacArthur of Drumurch. They lived at the same time period as Hew McLaurin in the Testament.

An interesting entry in Donald McLaurin's Testament from 1686 two years after his death in 1684, are his utensils and armour, indicating that he was an armed gentleman a 'daoine uasile'.

Donald lived in Coire Bliochdaig (where cows were want to be milked), what I would describe as a Draw on the High Plains. It runs south out of Glenure on the Canmore.org map. It is my opinion that John McClaurin D. 1687 a relative of Donald's who also lived in Coire Bliochdaig is the ancestor of most of the Richmond County, NC (Laurinburg and Red Bluff) McLaurins.

Testament Dative and Inventar of the Goods of Donald McLaurin, 1686

Reference CC2/3/3

Testament Donald McLaurin

The Testament dative and Inventar of the gods and geir pertaining to the deceist Donald McLaurin in Carivlekag within the parochen of Balliboydan & diocis of Argyll the tyme of her his deceise, who deceist in the moneth of No[vembe]r 1684,

Faithfuly made and given up be Neill McLaurin his broyr in name of Mary McLaurin, only child & exe[cut]rix dative decerned to the s[ai]d deceist Donald McLaurin her fayr,

As ane act made yranent of the dait of thir p[rese]nts in itself at more length bear[es]


Imprimis the said defunct had pertaining to him the tyme of his deceise the goods and geir underwri[tte]n of the availl[es] and pryces par[ticular]lie following, To witt,

Twelve great Cowes price piece £13 6s 8d inde £160,

Item four tuo yeir olds price £24,

Item four stirks price £12,

Item fourtie sheep and goat[es] price £53 6s 8d,

Item ane mare, ane horse and thre follower[es] price £26 13s 4d,

Item ane boll meall and thre boll[es] oat[es] price £11 6s 8d,

Item the utencil[es] and Armour est[imated] to £13 6s 8d.

Summa Inventarii £300 – 13 – 4

No debt[es] to

Debt[es] be

Item yr was Resting be the s[ai]d defunct the tyme fors[ai]d,

To her M[aste]r of Rent £29 6s 8d,

Item of Teynd[es] and viccarage £3 6s 8d,

Item of servant[es] fies 46s 8d,

Item allowed of Funerall charges £6 13s 4d.

Testament Dative and Inventar of the Goods of Donald McLaurin, 1686

Reference CC2/3/3

Su[m]ma debt[es] be £41 – 13 – 4

which deduced Remaines £259 – 0 – 0

Dead[es] p[ar]t is £129 – 10 – 0


I, John McLean, Co[m]miss[a]r Deput of Argyll, doe Ratifie, approve and Confirme the Testament dative and Inventar of the goods and geir abovewri[tte]n and decerne and Confirme the said Mary McLaurin exe[cut]rix dative to the s[ai]d deceist Donald McLaurin her fayr,

And give and Committ to the s[ai]d Neill McLaurin her uncle, for her, in her name & behalf, and to her use & behove, full power to Intromet &c,

And if need bees to Call &c in Co[mmun]i fo[rm]a,

Becaus the said Neill hes maid faith & found Hew McLaurin in Drumurch Cau[tione]r for him that the goods and geir abovewri[tte]n shall be made forthcomeing to all parties havand Intrest as accords.

In witnes qrof thir p[rese]nts sub[scribe]d by me at Ardchattan, the Tuelth day of No[vembe]r 1686 yeirs

Corrieblicaik (where cows arer wont to be milked), Balleodan Parish lower Glen Creran.

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