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The McLaurin Railroad aka 'The Wilmington, Charlotte, and Rutherfordton Railroad Company' of North Carolina

"In 1855 before the counties along the NC/SC State line were successful in getting a charter for an east-west railroad. The Wilmington, Charlotte, and Rutherfordton Railroad would connect Wilmington and Charlotte via Lumberton, Laurinburg, Rockingham, Wadesboro and Monroe. ....The first train left Wilmington on July 5, 1860, and went fifty miles to Bladenboro in Bladen County. Lauchlin A. McLaurin of Scotland County was the first conductor on the eastern end of the road....."  G-cdb -Lauchlin A. McLaurin of Robeson Co., NC was later a captain in the CSA.

Commissioners for creating stock for the railroad company were appointed:
F-ad -Duncan McLaurin - 1787-1869, NC Legislator, Head of the School Board the Laurinburg School District which was named after him.

B-big -John Laurin Fairly 1805-1862 - married G-dg -Margaret McLaurin 1827-1911, see below:

Dr. John Malloy - In the early 1850's, Dr. Malloy, Dr. Robert D. Dickson and others purchased lands for the Laurinburg High School. Dr. Dickson was married to B-cad-c -Mary McLaurin 1825-1879,

John Fairley - married Nancy McNair 1813-1860 the widow of B-cbf -Lauchlin McLaurin 17__ - 1842/50,

John Gilchrist, Jr. - I think he later went to Mississippi,

Daniel C. McIntyre - Nephew of B-aaa -Hurricane Daniel McLaurin 1774-1838 and Catherine McIntyre daughter of Donald/Daniel McIntyre,

Daniel McKinnon - His father Daniel McKinnon who died in 1825, Donald/Daniel Sr. appears in the 1790 Richmond Co. census with a wife 1 son and 3 daughters. In the census Daniel is just above John McLerran and below F-a -John McLaurence on page 178. He also appears in 1779 and 1792/93 Richmond Co. tax records..

Matthew W. McNair - The son of "Major" Daniel McNair and B-bic -Margaret Fairly daughter of Alexander Fairly and B-bi -Effie McLaurin 1765-1831,

and Rev. Thomas Gibson - 

More About John Laurin Fairly:
Burial: Jim Walter McLaurin Farm between Hasty and Johns, NC
Children of B-big -John Laurin Fairly 1805-1862 and G-dg -Margaret McLaurin 1820-1869 are:
i. B-big-a -Eliza Jane Fairly, b. Abt. 1838.
ii. B-big-bi -Ann Fairly, b. Abt. 1840.
iii. B-big-c -Alexander Archibald Fairly, b. Abt. 1842.
iv. B-big-d -Catherine 'Kate' Fairly, b. Abt. 1844; d. February 20, 1881, probably Lampasas County,Texas.
v. B-big-e -Mary James Fairly, b. Abt. 1849; d. Bef. January 1890; m. Milton McIntyre
vi. B-big-f -Angus McLaurin Fairly, b. Abt. 1853.
vii. B-big-g -Frances Letitia Fairly, b. September 23, 1855; d. Bef. December 1878.
viii. B-big-h -Margaret Fairly, b. Abt. 1856; d. Bef. December 1878.
ix. B-big-i -Eugenie Fairly, b. Abt. 1857; d. July 30, 1878.

In 1869 following the Civil War a re-organization of the Rail Road Company was necessary, stockholder meetings where held in Charlotte and Wilmington, NC. By this date there were no McLaurin Directors, they were still stockholders though. From the report the Post Office and War Department appear to be significant customers.

In the balance sheet report from 1869:
B-cb?-? -L. A. McLaurin owed $4,007.26, likely son or nephew of B-cbe -James Cameron McLaurin
B-cb?-? -D. M. McLaurin owed $8,639.98, likely son or nephew of B-cbe -James Cameron McLaurin
Michael S. Cronly credit $1,800.00, the husband of B-cad-d -Margaret McLaurin sister of B-cad-c -Mary McLaurin above

B-cbe -James Cameron McLaurin owed $198.68, b. 1803 d.1888

NOTES by Rex McLaurin
Dr. Robert Dickson was a son of James Dickson, a native of Ireland and Anna McCall of Scotland. The celebrated Dr. James Dickson of Wilmington was a brother; and Joseph Medill, who founded the Chicago Interocean and became such a power in Republican politics was his first cousin.

Michael Cronly was the only child of James and Sallie Taylor Cronly of New York city. His parents dying, he was brought up by his uncle, Mr. John A. Taylor of Wilmington. The children are Jane Murphy, Sallie, Taylor, Joseph Murphy, William, (the last four now living) Michael, Douglas, Robert, Dickson, Margaret and Mary Dickson.

Margaret McLaurin  was born on 27 Sep 1827 in Wilmington, New Hanover Co., NC. She died on 02 Jan 1911 in Wilmington, New Hanover Co., NC. She married Michael S. Cronly, son of James Cronly and Sallie Taylor, on 13 Jun 1848 in Michael S. Cronly, son of James Cronly and Sallie Taylor, on 13 Jun 1848 in Wilmington, New Hanover Co., NC. He was born on 24 Apr 1826 in NY. He died on 06 Feb 1898 in Wilmington, New Hanover Co., NC. "Descendants of Duncan McLaurin Born in 1740 in Scotland, Died in 1828 in Lauren Hill, Richmond Co., NC" by Rex McLaurin

'Scotland County Emerging' - Joyce M. Gibson
Family identifiers and information Banks McLaurin Jr.
Rex McLaurin of the B-ca family group

Hilton McLaurin, July 29, 2019

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