1420 vicar Labhrun Mac Ghille-Coimded, Kilbodan, Benderloch

To the north of Kilmartin parish is the large parish of Ardchattan in Benderloch lying southeast of Loch Creran, south to Lochawe, then east to the parish of Glenorchy, a historic parish with many centuries of MacLaurins listed in the parish records.

On 14 February 1420 there is vicar Labhrann MacGhille-Coimded at Kilbodan in Benderloch, which had been annexed to Ardchattan Priory located nearby, since the mid-13th century.

“Labhrann was the last incumbent or native vicar at Kilbodan. Here Ghille-Coimded represents a patron which was common, Labhrann the kindred.” (MacDonald, 2013)

“Laurence Comedini / Maccomdyn (Labhrun / Labhrann mac Ghille-Coimded MacGille-Coimded) named as last legitimate possession of Kilbodan 14 Feb. 1420 (CSSR , i, 174, see also 214). A “Murcardus MacGillacommeyg” of a similar name was named late vicar of Kilchoman, Islay in 1436. While in “Parochial Fasti of the diocese of argyll to 1560” a “Nigel Comedun” was named late rector of Kilchattan, Gigha in 1450 ( CPL , viii, 597; CSSR , v, no. 356; LMMS , 158). It is most likely that “Comedini” here represents a patronymic Ghille-Coimded rather than the kindred name.” MacDonald, Iain. The Northern World: Clerics and Clansmen : The Diocese of Argyll between the Twelfth and Sixteenth Centuries (1). Leiden, NL: Brill, 2013.

“Several of the examples of parochial hospitality in the West Highlands repeatedly emphasized that the “custom” of hospitality was an obligation distinctive to their locality. "In 13 February 1420 the rector of Glassary sought dispensation to hold his benefice with the vicarage of Glassary ad vitam because his income was “scarcely sufficient” to cover his obligation to provide hospitality for all who came to his church and “freely to afford them the necessary food and drink”. A day later the treasurer of Argyll sought dispensation to hold the dignity with the incompatible perpetual vicarage of Kilbodan in Benderloch maintaining that, as treasurer, he had insufficient revenues to maintain    a poor’s hospital and “gratuitously” sustain all who served therein” (MacDonald, 2013)

Lauchline McLaurin’s family that emigrated from Benderloch to North Carolina in 1790, had relatives living at nearby Inveresragan, Ardchattan. In 1838 Neill McLaurin on a visit to Scotland, visited his cousin Malcolm in Oban, who was the son of Neil McLaurin of Inveresragan. “of” indicates a tacksman, “in” or “from” indicates a tenant. Also, a Cameron who was indebted to a John McClaurin according to his 1694 Testament lived just to the east at Auchnaba, Ardchattan. The name Lauchline is a common name among the Appin McLaurins, with a probable link to the McLaughlins in the 1509 Appin List.

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