Rev. Daniel MacLaurin and Rev. John MacLaurin

 Rev. Daniel MacLaurin and Rev. John MacLaurin

“After the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, Scotland entered a period of religious strife as King Charles II tried to force his Episcopalian Church on a predominantly Presbyterian people. The results of the Covenant Wars, which ensued from this policy, eventually yielded a strong and strict Presbyterian Church, but not until many lives had been lost.

For over twenty years, Covenanters waged war with Royalists until, in 1688, with the ascension to the Scottish Throne of William and Mary (ruling jointly), the Covenanters at last could establish Churches of strict Presbyterian nature while remaining loyal to their Monarch. As speedily as possible, Episcopalian Ministers were removed and frequently had to be forcibly replaced by inexperienced, quickly trained Presbyterians, so it was not until about 1694 that the Church of Scotland was an established Presbyterian Church.

Two of these newly available incumbencies were filled by the brothers Daniel and John MacLaurin, sons of the above Daniel MacLaurin. In 1698 Daniel was appointed to Kilfinan Parish, Argyll, his brother having already been appointed to Kilmodan Parish in a nearby glen. While at Kilmodan, situated in Glendural, Cowal, John (born in 1658), was blessed with two sons: John, born in 1694 and Colin, whose letters are the subject of this volume, born in 1698. Six weeks after Colin’s birth, the Rev. John MacLaurin died.” The Collected Letters of Colin MacLaurin

There is much information on these two McLaurin brothers available online especially John who is sometimes confused with his son another Rev. John MacLaurin who was the well known Gaidhlig preacher for the Highlanders in Glasgow.

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