Anson Co. NC McLaurins

Anson County, NC McLaurins, in this article which is primarily about Neil McLaurin (Laab) the eldest son and John (Laac) the next oldest, the sons of Hugh McLaurin (X-047, Laa) and Ann Stewart (Bea/1st cousin) of Richmond County, NC. John (Laac) is Christopher Columbus (Laacak) grandfather. C. C. McLaurin moved to Lynn Co. Texas about 1903.

Hugh McLarran (X-047, Laa) Born ca. 1750 Glennanhyle, Appin to Richmond Co. North Carolina 1790-McLarran, 1790-McLerran 1792-McLearan, 1800-McLaurin, 1807 McLaurin, 1817 McLaurin

Hugh’s father was Duncan McLaurin who probably lived at Blar-nan-laogh, Glenahyle, Appin (which I believe you can goggle) died 1809, he is buried at Stewartsville Cy., near Laurinburg, NC. Served in the Appin Regiment in Inveranhyle's Company at Culloden.

Duncan's father is Lauchlan McLaurin. Lauchlan was old in 1745 and stayed home during the rebellion the "Appin Home Guard" if you will. He also at Blar-nan-laogh, Glenahyle, Appin. This looks to be like a multi-generational tack or farm lease, from the Invernayhle Stewarts.

August 2. 1790 Fayette District, Richmond Co. Census
The six inquiries in 1790 called for the name of the head of the family and the number of persons in each household of the following descriptions:
Free White males of 16 years and upward (to assess the country's industrial and military potential)
Free White males under 16 years
Free White females
All other free persons

Hugh McLerran (X-047, Laa), is living near Archibald Campbell a landowner from the 1779-1838 Tax List. Archibald McLeod is also a likely tenant. Hugh is with three males over 16, brothers or older sons, no slaves.
Archibald McLeod in Dobson's Directory of Scots in the Carolinas, 1680-1830, Vol. 2

Thirteen other nearby McLerran families , appear to be living on Daniel Campbell's or John McLerran Sr. property which is nearby.

Neil McClaren probably the son of Hugh X-047 above who later goes to Anson Co. witness this indictment. I believe that Dugald Blue is a relative

October 1791 - State vs. Dugald Blue AB John McFarland Anguish McMillon, Neil McClarens, Wits State of North Carolina, Richmond County. The Jurors for the State and County on oath present that Dugald Blue late of said county on the 28th day of July in the year of our Lord 1791 at said county
did make on the body of John McFarland and him did beat and wound to his great damage and against the peace and dignity of the state. D. Judson Atto.

This indictment could be against Hugh X-047's son Duncan, because Hugh bought his Anson County land from the same Toddy Robinson who is District Court Justice. in this case. Notice the last name spelling McClaren.

October 1796 - State vs. Duncan McClaren
State of North Carolina, Richmond County. To the Sheriff of said county greeting. You are hereby commanded to make known before good lawful men of your bailiwick to Duncan McClaren to make his personal appearance
before the justices of our county court of pleas and quarter sessions to be held for the county of Richmond at the court house in the town of Rockingham on the second Monday in January next then and there to shew
cause if any he have why he shall not be fined agreeable to Act of Assembly for not attending as a juror after having due notice by the sheriff of said county. Witness James Terry, Clk, of our said court at office the second Monday of October Anno Dom 1796 in 21st year of the Independency. Tod Robinson, DC J.
Terry, Clk. Duly notified by Jno Wall, Duncan Cormicle, Witness.

Approximate ages from 1800 Census
Hugh is age 26-45 being born 1765-1784, I have a tentative birth date of 29 Jan 1768 which would make her age about 43.
A spouse and first cousin Ann Stewart age of 26-45 being born 1765-1784
A son age 16-26 being born 1784-1794 - Daniel S. 28 Jun 1785 age 25,
A daughter age 10-16 being born 1794-1800 - Christian birth 1787
A son age 10-16 being born 1794-1800,
A son age 10-16 being born 1794-1800,
A daughter under 10 being born 1800-1810 - Mary 1795-1799
A son under 10 being born 1800-1810
A son under 10 being born 1800-1810

Hugh and Ann's older sons and daughters are not in Richmond Co. in this 1800 census
Neel birth 1780
John birth 1784
Daniel S. 28 Jun 1785 age 25,
Hugh C. birth 1786 according to age on Stewartsville marker
Christian birth 1787, age 63 in 1850 census Anson Co.
Duncan birth 1790

On Sept. 12, 1803 a Hugh McLaurin, (X-047, Laa) in the 1790 census, from Richmond County, NC, bought 400 acres belonging to John Rush in two parcels from Toddy Robinson, for $300 on the Southwest side of Pee Dee River and both sides of Old Mill Creek (a) 200 acres, the border begins at a black jack on the west side of Mecklenburg Road [US52]. (b) 200 acres the border begins at a stake at the mouth of Old Mill Creek "said to be" William Wages' corner that joins Samuel Gearkeses and Wages third corner, it is part of 640 acres granted to John Rush in 1774.

Toddy Robinson was also a District Court Judge, Rockingham Court House, Richmond County.

It was a tendency in Scotland for tenants to have two properties often a good distance apart in case one failed. (a) property is close to Cason McLaurin Road, the McLaurin Cemetery is also nearby on the north side of Mill Creek where it crosses Cason McLaurin Road. (b) is several miles away to the east on the Pee Dee River, accessible by boat.

The patriarch Hugh has died in 1806, from this point his sons and daughters and widow Ann live in Anson County NC. Within a couple of decades the sons John, Neil and Duncan move to Kemper Co. Mississippi.

I am not sure if Hugh ever lived in Anson County, in 1810 Neil and John are in Anson County, the rest of the family should be in Richmond Co.

So it appears that Hugh died shortly after buying the land, Neill became the Head of Household on Hugh's property, which is confirmed in the 1810 census. John heads a separate household in 1810, which might account for him being left out of the 1818 Deed, just a guess.

On Nov. 6, 1807 John's older brother Neill McLaurin witnesses a McKay land deed. Neil witness's a wide variety of Anson County deeds in the years 1810 to 1836, with men named Anderson Vaughan, Angus McRae, Duncan MacKenzie, P. Alexander McRae, Elijah Cason, John Cason, Michael Cason,.

Neil McLaurin is back in Anson County, NC where he is a court witness in July 1841. #12580 Book 10 Anson Co. records. Pertains to an 1830 land sale though.

On Dec. 17, 1810 Neill McLaurin receives an Anson County land grant from the Secretary of State for 250 acres on the North side of Mill Creek beginning at a pine.

On May 9, 1812 brothers John and Neil witnessed a sale of 380 acres on Southwest side of Pee Dee River, on South Branch of Jones Creek, starts at Rocky Branch by William Vaughan to Duncan McKenzie for $132.00. #5570 Anson Co. Deeds Y & Z

Six months later on Nov. 2, 1812 John McLaurin (L-aac) bought 206 acres on the South side of Pee Dee River and Southwest side of Jones Creek from William Vaughan for $350. The border begins at a stake in the west prong of Rocky (Rooty?)Branch, joins McKenzie's (Duncan's) corner at head of the branch and head of Lowry's Branch.  #10661 Anson Co. Deeds Y & Z. Vaughan had acquired the property in 1799. I think this property is on South Fork of Jones Creek on McLaurin Road near Lowry, Anson Co. North Carolina.

There is also a Duncan McKenzie with the McLerrans in Richmond County in the 1790 Census, he is next to the "B" and "D" family members, Hugh "L-aa" is nearby.

The brothers Daniel and Neill McLeran were both Privates in the Ninth Company, Anson 2nd Regiment, with James Tindall, Captain, during the War of 1812, which lasted from Jun 18, 1812 to Mar 23, 1815. The incentive was $124 and 320 acres of land plus $5 a month, they were obligated for the duration of the War.

On Dec, 5, 1816 Daniel S. McLaurin bought 240 acres for $500 on the southwest side of the Pee Dee River and both sides of old Mill Creek, border begins at a pine in John Rush's South line on South side of Old Mill Creek, this was part of the 1774 640 acre grant to John Rush who then sold it to Samuel Yerkes on Aug. 6, 1774. Neil McLaurin along with Hugh McSween are witnesses.

Hugh's estate property was confirmed to all of Hugh's heirs except John, on March 12, 1818, where a deed states that $300 was paid by Hugh McLaurin, Toddy Robinson sold 400 acres to "Hugh McLaurin deceased" #7048 Anson County Records Book T. Ann (widow), Neil, Daniel S., Duncan, Hugh C., Lachlin, Christopher, Mary.

On Aug 6, 1821 John McRae of Anson County sold part of his property on the South Fork of Jones Creek. Witnessed by Neil McLaurin and Archbald McRae. An 1839 confirmation mention that John and Archibald McRae are dead and Neil McLaurin has "removed beyond the limits of this state" #12074 Book 10 Anson Co. records.

On Feb. 4 1822 Anderson Vaughan sold 100 acres to Duncan McLaurin for $41.00 on Jones Creek, the border begins at a stake in James Watson's line near a small prong of the creek, witnessed by his brother Hugh and Neil's wife Mary McLaurin. # 7718 Book U Anson County Records.

On June 25, 1822 John McLaurin of Anson County sold the homestead included in 206 on the south side of Jones Creek, bordering Duncan McKenzies and Michael Cason to Hugh McKenzie also of Anson County for $201.45. John had purchased 141 of the acres from Anderson Vaughan, the other 65 acres was the homestead and it is unknown who that property was purchased from. BK. U 132 Anson Co.

On Dec. 18, 1825 Duncan McLaurin of Anson County bought 50 acres for $50 on James Creek from Alexander Watson. It begins at a pine in the fork of "Janice's Creek". Of interest is a .25 acre graveyard on the property. Witnessed by his brother Neil and a Alexander McLevern, who I am not sure who he is.

X-026 John McLarin in Texas (Bk.111)

On March 25 1829 John McLaurin of Anson County sold the 206 acres on Jones Creek he had purchased from William Vaughan in 1812 to Archibald C. McRae for $500. Witnessed by John C. McKenzie and Hugh McKenzie BK. Y 607 Anson Co. #10661,10901 Anson Co. Deeds Y & Z

In 1837 Duncan sold 150 acres in two tracts to Lewis Burr for $150, both on the James (Jones) Creek.

Hugh C. L-aaj assumes his brother Duncan L-aag debts, twice, but Hugh C. and his wife are living in Duncan's household in 1830, so they are very close.
On Jan. 15, 1838 Hugh C. apparently covers older brother Duncan's debt because he is awarded for $95.00 where Duncan lost a judgement to Medley and Jerman, Hugh acquires Duncan's household goods and livestock to sell. # 11953 Book Z Anson Co. Records.

Duncan again goes into debt to his younger brother Hugh C. for $200.00 in 1852. #15277 Book 14 Anson Co. Records.

Hugh C. marries Christian _______ and dies in the 1850's leaving a daughter Sarah of which nothing is known. I think Hugh C. holds his father Hugh's Mill Creek property.

In 1839 Neil McLaurin has left the state, confirmed again in 1840 and 1845 where the Record tell us they were Presbyterian and that Neill has left the area.. #12152 Book 10 Anson Co. records. #13866 Book 12 Anson Co. records. Probably went to Kemper County. His children are with Oliver and Ann Ellis in Kemper County.

Daniel S. McLaurin L-aad
On Sept. 11, 1840 Daniel McLaurin purchases 108 acres for $150 at a pine on the old road on the north side of Rooty Brook, near Charlotte to Cheraw road from the deceased Hugh Mckenzie through his Administrator Joseph Medley. This was William Vaughan property that was sold to Hugh McKenzie. #12586 Book 10 Anson Co. records.

On July 26 1841 Daniel McLaurin bought 58 acres for $29 from Allen Carpenter on Mill Creek.

On Sept. 30 1841 Gov. John M. Morehead grants Daniel McLaurin 95 acres on Mill Creek at $5 per acre, joins Ann McLauirin, MacPherson properties.

Daniel L-aad who was the last born in Scotland has died in 1846 interred at Morven cemetery. His son Laughlin seems to take over his estate along with his brothers Neill and Daniel D.

Neil's son Daniel Terry is still in Anson County he witnesses a few deeds.

On Dec. 19 1851 Gov. David S. Reid grants Duncan L-aag 20 acres on Mill Creek for $5 per 100 acres near Hugh McLaurin property. Real cheap land.

On Oct. 11 1854 Daniel S. McLaurin, Hugh's oldest son who died 06 Apr 1846, sold 100 acres on both sides of Mill Creek, border Alex McKay, James Horne and others to Archibald McDugald. McDugald was Neil's wife Mary second husband, after Neil left for Mississippi and started a new life with his brother John. This also sounds like Hugh Srs' original Mill Creek property from 1803.

On Nov. 22, 1854 Hugh McLaurin Sr's estate was divided up into 68 2/4 acre lots among six heirs;
Lot #1 went to Mary McLaurin L-aaa and her husband Archibald McDougal,
Lot#2 went to Neal McLaurin L-aab (deceased?),
Lot #3 went to Hugh C. McLaurin L-aaj,
Lot #4 went to Daniel S. McLaurin L-aad,
Lot #5 went to Christian McLaurin L-aa?,
Lot #6 went to Duncan McLaurin L-aag,
plus cash to even out the land valuation. John McLaurin L-aac was not included.

In May of 1855 Neil McLaurin of Anson County heirs are in Kemper County, Mississippi with Oliver and Ann Ellis and assign their uncle Duncan McLaurin in Anson County as agent and attorney for their affairs with instructions to convert the property to cash. John bought Neil's property the next January before he died in March, 1856

In 1856 John (Laac) receives 88 acres of his father Hugh's estate and also purchases another 68 acres from Neil's heirs in Kemper County.

On January 23, 1856, Duncan McLaurin of Anson County paid to his older brother John McLaurin of Anson County $88.75, in his hand. Also Lot #6 containing 68 acres of Hugh McLaurins' estate alongside Lot #4 and  another 20 acres on Mill Creek and the McLaurin Line totaling 88.25 acres, was conveyed and confirmed by Duncan.

On January 23, 1856, Duncan acting as attorney for his deceased older brother Neal McLaurin of Anson County heirs, sells to John McLaurin of Anson County for $137.50 Lot #2 of their father Hugh's estate that belonged to Neill containing 68.25 acres.

This is the Duncan living near brother John in Kemper County in the census, that I thought was "D" family. He is gaurdian of Neil's younger children according to the court in July, 1852, which I have a copy of from the Quarterlies.

John (Laac) dies and is buried in Kemper County, Mississippi in March of 1856 after buying Neil's Anson County land in North Carolina in January.

Posthumously on November 15, 1856, Laughlin McLaurin L-aadd of Anson County paid to his uncle John McLaurin L-aac of Anson County $269.00, in his hand. Also Lot #3 containing 68 acres of Hugh McLaurins' estate alongside Lot #1 was conveyed and confirmed by Laughlin. Witnessed by Neill L-aadi and Daniel D. McLaurin L-aadh

On Jan. 15, 1870
Brothers Daniel S. L-aad and John L-aac North Carolina Mill Creek estate is distributed among Daniels heirs. Mary the wife of Daniel D. McLaurin L-aadh who was killed in the CSA, 1863 received 131 1/4 acres. Neil L-aadi receives Lot #2 210 1/4 acres. Hugh L-aadb, Ann L-aade and Margaret L-aadj together receive Lot #3 totaling 451 acres. Catherine McLaurin Smith L-aadg receives $339.00. Isabella McLaurin Johnson L-aadk receives $339.00.

I don't see where any of John's heirs in Mississippi received any of his North Carolina property or cash.


The B-ca McLaurins from Glenetive "Upper" Duncan and Mary owned property in Wadesboro, North Carolina which is North of the L-aa McLaurins on Mill Creek on South prong of Jones Creek. There appears to be no recorded interaction between the two families.

Landmark - Hugh McLaurins Mill Creek old corner on Wolf Branch

Toddy (Townsend) Robinson
No. 403 - Townsend ROBINSON, 183 Acres, Grant No. 175, Book No. 2, Page No. 134. Location: On the BEAVER Dam Branch of ROCKY CREEK.
No. 405 - Townsend ROBINSON, 227 Acres, Grant No. 176, Issued October 3, 1755, Book No. 2, Page No. 134. Location: On the S side of FISHING CREEK.
No. 406 - Townsend ROBINSON, 427 Acres, Grant No. 177, Issued October 3, 1755, Book No. 2, Page No. 134. Location: On the S side of the N fork of ROCKY River.
No. 407 - Townsend ROBINSON - 546 Acres, Grant No. 178, Issued October 3, 1755, Book No. 2, Page No. 135. On the S side of the CATAWBA River and on the N side of the S fork of ROCKY CREEK.
Anson County Microfilm No. S 108.399 Warrants, Surveys, and Related Documents 1-909 Secretary of State, Land Grant Office North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, NC Part 3

NEEL In the 1810 census
Neel is age 26-45 with birth 1765-1784
A daughter age 16-26 being born 1784-1794,
A daughter age 16-26 being born 1784-1794,
A son age 16-26 being born 1784-1794,
A daughter age 10-16 being born 1794-1800,
A son age 10-16 being born 1794-1800,
A son age 10-16 being born 1794-1800, 
A son age 10-16 being born 1794-1800,
A daughter under 10 being born after 1800,
A daughter under 10 being born after 1800,
A son under 10 being born after 1800,
A son under 10 being born after 1800,    

John is age 16-26 with birth 1784-1794
A daughter age 10-16 being born 1794-1800,
A daughter under 10 being born after 1800,
A daughter under 10 being born after 1800,
A son under 10 being born after 1800,

In the 1820 census we have all four of the oldest brothers.
Neil is age 45+ with birth before 1775
Daniel S. is age 26-45 with birth 1775-1804 28 Jun 1785 age 35.
Duncan is age 26-45 with birth 1775-1804
John is age 26-45 with birth 1775-1804

In the 1830 census we have all four of the oldest brothers.
Neil is age 40-50 with birth 1780-1790
Daniel S. is age 40-50 with birth 1780-1790 28 Jun 1785 age 45.
Duncan is age 30-40 with birth 1790-1800
John is not in NC or MS census

In the 1840 census we have all four of the oldest brothers.
Neil is not in NC or MS census
Daniel S. is age 50-60 with birth 1780-1790 28 Jun 1785 age 55.
Duncan is age 40-50 with birth 1790-1800
John is age 50-60 with birth 1780-1790 in Kemper Co. MS

Neel birth 1765-1780
John birth 1784-1790
Daniel S. birth 28 Jun 1785, gravestone
Christian birth 1787, age 63 in 1850 census Anson Co.
Duncan birth 1790, age 60 in 1850 census Kemper Co.
Hugh C. birth 1798, age 52 in 1850 census Anson Co. d. 1/9/1871 age 85 b. 1786
Mary McLaurin McDougal birth 1795-1799, age 51 in 1850 census Anson Co, age 65 in 1860 census Anson Co.
Archibald McDougal birth 1803-1805, age 47 in  1850 census Anson Co, age 55 in  1860 census Anson Co.

John's father Hugh McLaurin, sons Neill and Daniel acquired John Rush property on Mill Creek at the mouth on the Pee Dee and also west of Mecklenburg Rd. near Cason-McLaurin Road and the McLaurin Cemetery, south of Morven, North Carolina. Sons John and Duncan McLaurin bought property on the south branch of Jones Creek from the Vaughan family, near Lowrys, North Carolina on what became McLaurin Road.

The War Department was established by the act of Congress of August 7, 1789 (1 Stat. 49). During the early years of the republic, the Regular Army was a relatively small fighting force supplemented by regiments of volunteers or state militia units during Indian wars, the Whiskey Rebellion, and other conflicts. At the declaration of war with Great Britain on June 18, 1812, the Regular Army consisted of about 10,000 men, half of whom were new recruits. An act of June 26, 1812 (2 Stat. 764) mandated that the Regular Army was to consist of 25 regiments of infantry, 4 of artillery, 2 of dragoons, 1 of riflemen, plus engineers and artificers, for a total authorized strength of 36,700 men. An act of January 29, 1813 (2 Stat. 794-797), authorized enlargement of the army to 52 regiments of cavalry, artillery, dragoons, and infantry. In addition to these troops, volunteer regiments and state militia also took part in the conflict.
Each Regular Army infantry regiment was recruited from a particular state (or states). Rifle, artillery, and dragoons were recruited at large. For example, the 12th, 20th, and 35th infantry regiments were recruited from Virginia. Most, but not all, of the men recruited for a particular infantry regiment were from the state of recruitment. For a list showing the regimental recruiting districts, see William A. Gordon, A Compilation of the Registers of the Army of the United States from 1815 to 1837, 1 (Washington, DC: James C. Dunn, 1837), reproduced on the microfilm following this introductory material.
The enlistment and system of payment of troops is described by Donald R. Hickey thusly:
Those who enlisted in the army at the beginning of the war had a five-year commitment, though later recruits were given the option of enlisting for the duration of the war. At first the bounty was $31 and 160 acres of land, but because enlistments lagged, Congress gradually increased the incentives to $124 and 320 acres of land. This was a princely sum-probably the highest bounty ever paid by an army in the world. The cash bounty alone was as much as many unskilled laborers earned in a year, and even if the land sold for only 50 cents an acre (which is a low estimate), the total bounty was more than most people made in two years. This enormous bounty did much to spur enlistments, though the army did not become an effective fighting force until the last year of the war.
* * *
The system for paying the troops broke down from the beginning. At the start of the war privates were paid $5 a month, non-commissioned officers $7 to $9, and officers $20 to $200. To stimulate enlistments, Congress in late 1812 raised the pay of privates and non-commissioned officers by $4. At $8 a month, privates still earned less than the $10 to $12 that unskilled laborers normally made, but as the bounty increased, army wages soared well above the civilian average. [Quote from Donald R. Hickey, The War of 1812: A Forgotten Conflict (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1989), pp. 76-77. Hickey's footnotes are omitted.]

Christopher Columbus’s great grandfather was Hugh McLaurin b. Appin, then Richmond Co. NC. d. 1810. Hugh had a brother named Neill that Banks McLaurin Jr. descended from, Neill went to Marlboro, Co. SC. Hugh's children went to Anson County were Hugh had bought land, just before he died.

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