1456 vicar Donald Dominici Maclaurante, Kilkerran parish Kintyre

vicar Donald Dominici Maclaurante ( Dómhnall Mac Mhaoil-Dómhnaich MacLabruinn [mhicLabruinn]) Kilkerran, Kintyre Occ. 9 March 1456, was accused of scandalous behavior. (MacDonald, 2013) That is all I have found on him, Laurence, bishop of Argyll had many dealings with Kilkerran parish from far off Lismore, it is also a prebend of Lismore Cathedral.

“In Scotland mael gave way within the last five hundred years to gille, only one or two cases of its use remain.  First is Malcolm the Eng. form of Mael-cholaim, “St Columba's slave;” its place even was usurped largely by Gille-colaim. and now the Gaelic of the name is Calum. Maol-isa, “Slave of Jesus” gave the Eng. Malise (whence Mellis as a surname), and it has practically lasted till the present time: so, too, with Maol-moire, “Mary's Slave,” which is Englished as Myles.  The likeness of the aspirated form of mael and gille, that is, vaol and yille, or in genitive, with the initials off, aoil and ille, make it difficult to say which has given a certain Mac surname.  Thus the Black Book of Taymouth for the 16th century writes generally M’Olchallum, M’Oldonuich, and M’Oulroy, forms which in the case of M’Oldon-uich stand for M’Mhaoil-domhnaich from Maol-domhnach, “Slave of the Lord or Church” = Calvus Dominicus, and in the other two cases may be for M’Mhaoil-cholaim and McMhaoil-ruaidh.” (Mr A. McBain, Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, Vol 20, pg.308)

The name M’Olchallum is associated with both the Appin/ Duror victims of the MacLean raids and is predominate within ClanLaurene in Balquhidder. It was used as a surname by Johne M’Olchallum in Comrie the senior member in 1558 and therefore the presumptive chieftain of ClanLaurene when he was murdered in 1586, by the Stewarts of Glenbuckie. The Stewarts who claimed Auchleskine was the ClanLaurene duchtus. A landholding is considered a ‘duchtus’ after the multi-generations of a family has held the traditional nineteen year leases for at least three consecutive terms.

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