Argyll M’Laurin Graduates Divinity College, University of Glasgow 1665 -1855

The Argyll McLaurin scholars in the record as graduates of the University of Glasgow, Divinity College. 1665 -1855


Johannes M’Laurine


Donaldus M’Laurin, In prima classe sub praesidio Magistri Johannis Boyd hoc Anno intravit Februarii 28, 1693


Joannes M’’Laurine, Nomina discipulorum tertiae classis qui hoc Anno Academiam intrarunt sub praesidio Magistri Gerschomi Carmichaell.


9 Martii 1710. 

Daniel M’Laurin, Hybernus Nomina discipulorum primae classls qui hoc Anno Academiam intrarunt sub praesidio Magistri Gershomi Carmichael.


Domini Colinus M’’Laurine, Nomina discipulorum quartae classis sub praesidio Magistr natu maximus


Februarij 18, 1712. Britannus, Joannes M''Laurin 

Laureati 14 Novembris 1712. 

Benjaminus Owen Cambro-Britannus Joannes M’’Laurin, Franciscus Hutcheson Scoto-Hiber- Joannes Pilkington Anglo-Britannus, “RECORDS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW FROM ITS FOUNDATION TILL 1727.”


Laureati 23 Junii 1713. Colinus M'Laurin SEE BELOW


708 JOANNES M'LAURIN filius natu maximus Viri Reverendi, Joannis M'Laurin V.D.M. in Urbe Glasgua. Nephew of Colin Maclaurin, the mathematician ; uncle of 2139, of 2540, and of the " Clarinda " of Burns, see 2661; grand uncle of 4970.


2540 McLAURIN GILLIES filius natu tertius R. Viri Joannis, V.D.M. in Urbe Glasguae. Merchant in Jamaica. Nephew of 708 ; brother of 2139 ; cousin of 1979, 4457; uncle of 4970.

2661 JACOBUS M'LEHOSE filius natu seeundus quondam, Gulielmi Mercatoris Glasguensis. Born circa 1754. Member of the Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow, 1774. Writer in Glasgow, 1774-78, when went to London. Sailed for Jamaica in November, 1784, and settled as an Attorney-at-Law in Kingston there, acting also for many years as Chief Clerk of the Common Pleas in Jamaica. Died at Kingston in March, 1812. Husband of the " Clarinda " of Burns. See 708, 1871, 1872.


4589 JOANNES MACLAURIN filius natu Max: Joannis, in Par: de Port. Comit: de Stirling


4970 JOANNES GILLIES filius natu maximus Viri Reverendi, Colini Pastoris Parochiae de Paisley. Merchant in Glasgow. Son of 2139 ; nephew of 2540 ;grandnephew of 708.


5865 ROBERTUS M'LAREN fil: n. Max: Roberti Artificis, Kincardine Perth. Otherwise Robert M'Laurin. Secession Minister at Coldingham, 1807-47. Died 26th September, 1847, aged 64. Father of 11901, 13252 ; grandfather of 16234.


10294 GULIELMUS C. MACLAURIN f. n. max: Lachl: Armigeri Glasguensis nat: in Anglia, William Cowper MacLaurin. M.A. 1823.


11901 JACOBUS MACLAURIN, filius natu maximus Roberti, Verbi Dei Ministri, in com. de Berwick. Otherwise James Cockburn Maclaurin. Born at Coldingham, 6th September, 1810. Secession and U.P. Minister at Pollokshaws, 1835-60. Died at Exeter, 29th April, 1860. Son of 5865 ; brother of 13252 ; father of 16234 ; father-in-law of 16558.


11852 DONALDUS M'LAURIN, filius natu maximus Joannis, Verbi Dei Ministri, in com. de Lanark. Surgeon. J.P. Of St. Thomas-in-the-Vale, Jamaica. Died on passage from Jamaica to St. Helena, for the benefit of his health, 1842.


13252 ROBERTUS MACLAURIN filius natu minimus Roberti, V.D apud Coldingham in Comitatu de Berwick ministri. Secession and U.P. Minister at West Calder, 1846-50, when resigned. Joined the Church of Scotland. Minister of Sandsting Parish, Shetland, 1856-64, when deposed. Afterwards Schoolmaster at Lindean, near Selkirk. Died 17th November, 1890, aged 71. Son of 5865; brother of 11901; uncle of 16234.


16234 ROBERTUS MACLAUR1N, fil. nat. max Jacobi, Clerici in par. de Pollockshaws. Born 14th August, 1837. Partner in the firm of A. Orr, Ewing & Co., Turkey Red Dyers, and in the United Turkey Red Company, Limited, Glasgow and Vale of Leven. Died in 1912. Grandson of 5865 ; son of 11901 ; nephew of 13252 ; brother-in-law of 16558.


16558 GUALTERUS ROBERTS filius natu secundus defuncti, Joannis mercatoris Glasguensis. M.A. 1860. U.P. Minister at Airdrie, 1863-69. U.P. and U.F. Minister at Dennistoun, Glasgow, 1869-1902, though resident in Brisbane from 1882 on account of ill-health. Editor for many years of the Austral Star, the organ of the Presbyterian Church in Queensland. Died at Brisbane, 18th July, 1902, aged 66. Son-in-law of 11906; brother-in-law of 16234, 16567.

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