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McLaurins’ on Jupiter of Larne 1775

The voyage could be very treacherous with gale force winds sinking ships. 

Duncan McLaurin “Duncan McJohn” (D-d), left money with his brother John McLaurin (D-e) in Glendroum to care for a child that Duncan left behind when he emigrated in 1775 on Jupiter of Larne with three of his nephews Donald (D-bb), Lauchlin (D-bd), and Lawrin (D-be). A bill among the Neil McLaurin of Inveresregan Papers (NRS GD170/481) dated September 1779 stated John McLaurininGlendroum had died. CAT pg. 429.

On Goggle maps it appears that you can drive to Druimavuic and perhaps to the southern head of Coire Bliochdaig.

Glendroum in my best guess is the small glen leading northeast from Glasdrum, with long time McColl portioners who also emigrated on the “Jupiter of Larne” in 1775, the John McColl family, who settled in Mountain Creek, North Carolina. By the mid 1770s the McColls had lost their portion altogether. This hints that the four McLaurin men are also from Glasdrum.

Coire Bliochdaig is a long narrow ravine at the north west base of Beinn Squilaird, another McLaurin tack associated with Druimavuic, these two Ardchattan Parish properties are combined on the 1802 tax rolls, with Colin Campbell of Balliveolan the owner. One Campbell or another had owned the two properties in Ardchattan Parish since 1470, when they were among the properties resigned by Walter Stewart of Lorn.

From evidence in the Testament of John McLaurine at Coire Bliochdaig dated 1725, there appears to be a debt due John from a long deceased Sir Robert Campbell of Orchy (1575-1657).  This is a “Wadset”, a loan from one of John’s ancestors to Sir Robert Campbell or one of his ancestors, in exchange for the long term tenancy of  Druimavuic and Coire Bliochdaig, until the loan is repaid sometimes generations later. Perhaps a Campbell repaid the Wadset to the McLaurins, replaced them with sheep then left for America with money in their pocket.

Of interest would be researching the rentals of Druimavuic and Coire Bliochdaig in the Argyll Papers at Inveraray Castle.

#128* Duncan “McJohn” McLaurin (D-d), served as a Richmond Co. North Carolina Tory in the Revolutionary War, just like his cousin Euan McLaurin in Orangeburg Co. South Carolina. He died at the age of 92 in Conecuh Co. Alabama.

Edinburgh Evening Courant

#127* Daniel McLaurin (D-bb), later shipped out of Portland, Maine and was drowned at sea.

#126* Lawrin McLaurin (D-be), appears in the 1810 and 1820 South Carolina census.

#125* Lachlan “Lock” McLaurin (D-bd), appears in the 1790 and 1800 North Carolina census.

*Passenger List Jupiter of Larne from Dunstaffnage Castle to Wilmington, North Carolina, 177

Glasdrum - grey ridge

Druimavuic - ridge of the bucks, pigs

Coire Bliochdaig - A hollow where cows were wont to be milked


A1 ____________ McLaurin B about 1590, Corrieblicaik, Invercreran, Appin

A1a Donald McLaurin B ____ D Nov 1686, TST 1686, Corrieblicaik, Glen Creran, Donald’s testament lists his armour, Balliboydan/Kilbodan Parish, Hew McLaurin (Ec) in Drumurch, Loch Awe Cautioner (Executor), Ardchattan Parish Nov. 12 1686

A1aa Mary McLaurin B ____ D _____ Daughter in A1a TST 1686, Coire Bliochdaig, Invercreran, Balliboydan/Kilbodan Parish

A1b Neil McLaurin B ____ D TST 1686, Corrieblicaik, Glen Creran,

A2 Donald/Daniel McLaurin B about 1600

Aa John McClaurin B about 1630 D Nov 1687, TST 1694, G.G. McL, Corrieblicaik Coire Bliochdaig, Invercreran, Balleodan Parish, m. _____, John Cameron in Auchnaba, Benderloch, Loch Etive owed him money, Dugald Campbell in Bairres, obleidges me as Cautioner,.

Aaa Neil McClaurin B about 1653 D _____ Son in A2a TST 1694

Aab John McLaurine TST 1725, Son in Aa TST1694, “Scottish Highlanders on the Eve of the Great Migration” by David Dobson B_____ D 21, July 1725, M. _____ Cameron, Corrieblicaik, Glencrenan, The deceased Sir Robert Campbell of Orchy (1575-1657) owed John money (a Wadset), Alexander Stewart younger of Invernayhle Cautioneer (a relative?).

Aaba/B Lauchlan McLaurin in Aab T1725, Journal of the MacColl Society July & August 1969) B ______ D ____Tenant Blar-nan-laogh, 1715 Rentals, Tenant Blar-nan-laogh, Glean na h-lola 1746 he is old, SAL & STN show he stayed at home 1745/6.

Lauchlan is living at Blar-nan-laogh, Glean na h-lola, owned by Stewart of Appin, in 1715 and 1745/46 where he is an old man. Both his father and grandfather lived at Druimavuic/Coire Bliochdaig.

Ba Duncan McLaurin B Feb 12, 1724 D Jan. 27, 1809 Duncan @ Invernahyle Estate 1746, wounded at Culloden Q 21, page 13, Appin to Richmond Co., int. Stewartsville Cy, NC

Bb (dates are a mess) Donald/Daniel McLaurin B 1750 Appin, not Skye thats an error, D 18__ M ____ MacColl, M Mary Stewart

Bc Hugh McLaurin of Glenahyle, B 1726 D 18__, M Anne McLeran

Bd NEW John Bane McLaurin B abt. 1725 D 18__ Lauchlan’s servant STN, Lauchlan’s son SAL

Be Mary McLaurin B abt. 1757 D<1785 M Daniel Stewart 1812 Eleventh Co, Robeson Regt.

Sa Dugald Stewart b. 1781

Sb Nancy Ann Stewart M Hugh Laa

Sc Jennett Stewart M Daniel Ban

Aabb Donald McLaurin B ____ D ____ Tenant Blar-nan-laogh, 1715 Rental (Journal of the MacColl Society July & August 1969)

Aabc Duncan McLaurin Glenure Culloden STN B ____  D _____

Aabd / D John McLaurin D. 1746 “John of Culloden”

Da Neil McLaurin b. 1723 Wounded at Culloden (not in STN or SAL)

Db  Donald/Daniel McLaurin of Islay probably Invernayhle, B 1731/5 D 1809, i Stewartsville Cy. M Margaret McLaurin Eaad

Dba Piper Hugh McLaurin B 1760

Dbb Donald/Daniel McLaurin B 1763, 1775 “Jupiter of Larne” drowned at sea later.

Dbc Big John emigrated in 1783

Dbd Lauchlan McLaurin B 1750 1775 “Jupiter of Larne”

Dbe Laurine McLaurin B 1755 1775 “Jupiter of Larne”

Dc Hugh McLaurin B ____ D young

Dd  Duncan “McJohn” McLaurin B 1745 D June 1833, Sept. 1775 “Jupiter of Larne”, Wounded Revolutionary War, L Richmond Co NC - Alabama, M 1 _____ McPhater N.C., M 2 Catherine McLaurin F-bd B 1754 Glasgow D1841 MS. 

NEW! De John McLaurin of Glendroum (Glasdrum) 1779 CAT pg.429, B ____  D. 1775-1779 Cared for brother Duncan’s son in Scotland after Duncan’s 1775 emigration.

Aabe Christian McLaurin B ____  D _____

Aabf Dugald McLaurin B ____  D _____

Aabg Hugh McLaurin B ____  D _____ , X-046 Hugh M’Laurin Sr. 1790 Richmond Census, Glenure Culloden STN

Hugh M’Laurin Jr. Aabga/G per Q 35 pg. 16, B app.1745 D 1817 Appin to Richmond Co, NC, M _____ _____ July 1792 Richmond Co., Road Order/1790 Census

Aac Eun/Hugh McClaurine in Aa TST 1694, B_____ D_____ 

Aad Duncan McClaurine IN Aa TST 1694, B_____ D_____, Tenant Blar-nan-laogh, 1715 Rentals 

Aae/F Dr. Lachlain McLaurine, B. 1685 D. 1759 TST 1759; mentioned in TST 1694, m.Isabella Cameron Doctor from Glenouroch 1746 Stonefield and Saltoun Appin then Maryburgh. John Cameron of Fassfern Cautioneer. Isabella Cameron daughter of Archibald Cameron of Dungallon son of Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel.

Lachlain’s 1st cousin is Colin Campbell of Glenure, a younger son of Barcaldine, and of Lucia, daughter of Sir Ewan Cameron of Lochiel,was the victim in the celebrated Appin murder by gunshot in the wood of Lettermore, in May 1752, Physician to Cameron of Erracht and other Camerons.

Fa John McLaurin, b about 1710, d.     , names in a Gaelic book in SHC, Laurinburg, NC.

Fb Duncan McLaurin, m. Catherine Rankin, Glencoe

Fba Hugh M’Laurin of Slate Quarry, Ballachulish,  b. 1751 Appin d. Jan. 12, 1846 age 95, 1790 Richmond Co, NC m. Catherine Calhoun

Fbd Catherine “of Glasgow” McLaurin,  b. 1754 d. 1841 Mississippi

m. Duncan McLaurin Dd

three others

Fc/HL Euan McLaurin, b about 1710 D. 1782 Charleston, SC, Quarterly Vol. 3, Number 10 June 1971, CAT pg. 447 

Fd Allan McLaurin, b about 1710 eldest son and closest next of kin in Lauchlan’s 1759 Testament.

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