Friday, December 27, 2019

Donald MacLaren vs. Peter Lawrie on Rob Roy's burial

Donald MacLaren the current chief of the MacLarens in Balquhidder continues his campaign of mis-information in his absurd claim that Rob Roy is not buried in the Balquhidder Kirkyard. I think perhaps Donald has gone of the edge! I don't know what he was thinking originally, buying property in the clan MacGregors domain of Balquhidder, especially 'Kirkton' which historically was owned by the MacGregors, since the early 1700s.

Even Daniel MacLaurin of Auchleskine who was raised in Balquhidder in the early 1800s, describes Rob Roy's grave in the Balquhidder Kirkyard in his book. "History in Memorium of the Clan Laurin" published in 1867.

It is Daniel MacLaurin's heraldry and genealogy that Donald MacLaren used in his 1957 Petition to the Court of the Lord Lyon to become Donald MacLaren of Auchleskine and the later 'of MacLaren'.

"On Sunday, 22nd September 2019, I was invited to contribute to the filming of ‘Clan Lands’ created and produced by Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish, (the stars of Outlander) and Sam's production company Great Glen Productions with Alex Norouzi. We discussed whether or not Rob Roy is actually buried at Balquhidder kirk since Donald MacLaren of MacLaren claims that he is not." Peter Lawrie