Clanlaurane in Breadalbane

On 8 November 1559, Archibald the Earl of Argyll transferred to his nephew Colin Campbell of Glenurchy “Cailen Liath” the homage of the Clanlaurane and its descendants in posterity.

“WE Archibald Erie of Ergyle . . . grantis ws to haif gevin ... To our traist cousyng Colyne Campbell of Glenurquhay and his allis male the manrent homage and sendee quhilk our predecessouris andwe had and hes of the haill kyn and surname of the Clanlaurane and their posterite togidder with the uptaking of thair calpis . . . prowyding
the said Colyne obtene . . . thair consent . . . thairunto . . .

In witnes of the quhilk thyng to thir presentis subscriuit with our hand our propir seill is affixt at the burgh of Sterueling the aucht day of Nouember the yeir of God  M v and fifty nyn yeiris befoir thir witnes Johne Campbell off Inuerlevir Johne Corswell persone of Kilmartyne and Andro Quhit. And this we gif for the gud and faythfull sendee that the said Colyne hes done to ws.
Black Book of Taymouth

This large northern branch of Clanlaurane, lived in Strathfillan then up to River Tay and beyond into Atholl. Several men of this branch served important roles in Colin Campbell of Glenorchy’s entourage as servitors (administrators), Gillefillane McConachy (McDuncan) Utlaurane and Alexander’s younger son Johane (Eoin) M'Allester W'Lawren who was Deputy Chamberlain of Kinclavin in particular are found as witnesses in several Glenorchy documents. This Clanlaurane ended as the Campbell clan structure disappeared by 1671 when Murray of Atholl and Drummond families replaced the Campbells as Crown overlords in Perthshire, replacing the old clan system with the feudal system.

This Clan Laurane transference of homage from Archibald Campbell the Duke of Argyll to his cousin Colin Campbell of Glenorchy was done at Sterling, indicating approval from Queen Mary Stuart of Scots.


Two weeks later on 21 November 1559 Alexander McLaurane and others of the clan Laurane from Loch Tay gave Colin Campbell of Glenorchy “Cailean Liath” their own particular bond. Four months later in March 1559 the Balquhidder Clanaurane followed suit. At this time the Scottish calendar year ended on March 24th so the March Bonds below came after the Novemeber Bonds, not before. This was the first of six or seven bonds of manrent made to Glenurchy Campbell's by clanlaurane in Balquhidder and Strathearn between November 1559 and 1606.

Alexander McLaurane and others of the clan Laurane

On the twenty first day of the month of November in the one thousand five hundred and fifty ninth year of our Lord, there appeared personally,
Alexander Mclaurane, (Dies between 1559-1573)
Duncan his son,
Finlay Mcanevrie,
Duncan Mcnycoll Utneill (#9 1573 Bond),
Lauchlane Mcane Utnycoll,
Duncan Mcconachy Utanedrew,
Neil Mcpatrick Utlaurane,
Gillefillane Mcconachy Utlaurane (Servitor, witness M’Olcallum southern branch 1559 Bond to Glenurchy), and
Patrick Mcrory,
[And] of their own motivation, not compelled or coerced, [they] have elected and chosen, to them, their heirs, children and offspring, an honourable man, Colin Campbell of Glenorchy, and his heirs, as their perpetual chief, renouncing all others to the contrary,
Giving and granting, and for them, their heirs, children and offspring, to the said Colin and his heirs, their bonds of manrent and service by all person or persons, the authority only excepted,
Together with their calpes, that is to say, the best brutal [brute beast] in each of their possessions respectively at the time of their deceases forth of this present life, which they dispone to the said Colin and his heirs, now as then and then as now, to be lifted and taken up by them in conformance with the use and custom of the same,
Binding and obliging them, their heirs, children and offspring to be loyal, true and honest servants to the said Colin and his heirs to their utmost power,
And shall neither know, hear or [see] the said Colin or his heirs harm or apparent danger, but shall resist the same at their power, and advise the said Colin and his heirs thereof.
For the which the said Colin binds and obliges himself and his heirs to fortify, maintain and defend the foresaid persons, their heirs, children and offspring in all and sundry their honest and lawful actions, causes and quarrels as the law allows.
And hereto the said persons are bounden and obliged, sworn upon the holy evangelists.
Valid and acceptable etc, firm and stable etc.
Concerning which the same Colin sought an instrument.
These things were done within the castle or fortress of Balloch around the eleventh hour before noon,
These being present, John Mcavyr (witness 1573 Clanlaurane Bond), Alexander Mcnab and William Ruthnone, the witnesses called.
So it is. Andrew Quhit, Notary required [to act] in the premises, in his own hand.

The second Clanlaurane Bond came in 1561 to the entire clan, note the change in spelling to clan Lawren, even with the same writer Andrew Quhit Notary. I am not sure if Clan Lawren was even present.

Bond, Colin Campbell to Clan Lawren, 1561
The copy of the bond given to the clan Lawren

Be it known to all men by these present letters, Me, Colin Campbell of Glenorchy, Forasmuch as the whole clan and surname of clan Lawren, for themselves, their heirs and children, have elected and chosen me and my heirs as their perpetual chief and chiefs in all times coming, And have renounced all others to the contrary, and have given and disponed their calpes and bands of manrent to us by all persons living[?] or in the future[?], the authority only excepted, As at more length is contained in the writings and instruments made by them to me and my heirs thereupon, To bind and oblige myself and my heirs, therefore, to fortify, maintain and defend the said surname and progeny of clan Lauren, their children and posterity, in all and sundry their honest, just and lawful actions, causes and quarrels whatsoever, and in enjoying and possessing their goods, gear, rooms, steadings and possessions as a chief and master ought and should do to his friends and servants, against all that may be in the future[?], as the law allows, And that we shall neither know, hear nor see their harm or apparent danger, but shall advise them thereof and stop the same at our power, Providing always, if any person or persons of the said clan and surname of clan Lawrens fails or breaks any point of their bond and promise to me and my heirs, they fall to be tried and sighted by four of the most qualified and able persons of the said surname, thereafter to be punished as we shall think most expedient to be done, And in case any of the said clan or surname will not abide the bond and promise that they have made to me and heirs, or that any one of their children or posterity will leave be and not ratify the said bond, alleging themselves not obliged thereto, In that case I and my heirs shall not be held to fortify, defend and maintain the said persons, nor none of the said clan surname but so many as shall depend upon us and use our counsel, in conformance with their bond and promise. In witness of the which thing [to] these present letters, subscribed with my hand, my proper seal is affixed, at Balloch the third day of June the year of God 1561 years, Before these witnesses, Patrick Ewertt of Balhoussie, James Ruthwan, John Minzeis and Andrew Quhit, Notary Public. This copy agrees with the principal. Copied and compared by me, Andrew Quhit, Notary Public, my handwriting witnessing.

Twelve years later a Clanlawren bond was made listing the men individually within their family groups which is very convenient. The names and family groups are listed in a very specific heirarchy by Johane M'Corcadill, Notary. The leaders at the top then in descending order until perhaps a few last minute entries at the end, which I see in the following 1573 Bond

BOND OF DEFENCE granted by Coline Campbell of Glenorquhaie, proceeding on the narrative that the whole surname and Clan of the Clanlawren for them and their heirs had elected him and his heirs to be their chiefs, and had granted him their bonds of manrent against all persons, the authority only excepted, and also their Calps ; therefore taking them under his protection as their chief ; providing that if any  person of the said Clan shall fail in the premises, the matter shall be tried before the most able persons of the surname,

Malcum M'Conche WRobart (Malcolm McDuncan Robertson, Baron Robertsone of Carwhin)

Johanne M'Yver (servitor or confidant to Campbell)  and in his absence Duncann M'Yver (alias Robertsons)

Johane M'Allester W'Lawren (Johan McLawrence [Eoin MacLaren, M. MacGregor] chamberlane deputee of Kinclavin, see folder) (4), and in his absence Duncan (5, #2 1573 Bond) his brother,

Therlycht (Craignish Campbell, also a witness) M'Ain W'Therlycht (6, Servitor in MacGregor Pol.),

Patrik M'Ain WTatrik Mor (7 son of E. Johne M'Tatrick), Finla M'Nele (8), and in his absence Duncan M'Nicoll (9),

Archibald M'Duile Keach (10),

Gillefillan Fillan M'Conche W'Ain Keache [Brindle or Brown John] (11 Gillefillane M'Laurane witness 1558 Balquhidder Bond, 1563 MacGregor capture or kill bond 1563),

and shall thereafter be remedied by the said Coline Campbell ; providing also that if any of the said Clan do not keep the premises or that any of their children do not ratify the said bond, on the ground that they are not obliged to do so, then the said Coline Campbell shall not be bound to defend any of the said Clan.

Signed at Killin before witnesses
Johane Campbell son to the laird of Glenlioun,
Johane Campbell son to Johane Campbell of Mortlie,
Therlycht M'Ain V'Therlycht (Servitor)(MacTearloch a Campbell according to Ronald Willimas in Sons of the Wolf, pg31),
Paul M'Clerycht and Johane M'Corcadill notary, 22 May 1573.

Jhone M'Avyre, Patrik his brother, Duncan his brother's son, Neill brother to the said Duncane, Laurence his brother, Patrik his brother. (Robertsons but must be related, with the first name of Laurence).

Patrik Makane V'Patrik Voir (7), Duncane (19) his brother, Nicoll (20) his brother,

Malcum Makauld V'Lauren (21),

Duncan [Conochie] M'Gillepatrik (Son of the Servant of Patrick) V'Ewin (22 son of V. Patrick), Jhone (23 son of V. Patrick) his brother, Donald M'Conochie V'Gillepatrik (24), Jhone (25) his brother, Patrik Makconochie (26) his brother, Jhone (23) and Donald (24) and their brethren,

Dimcane M'Ane V'Yneadar alias M'Lauren (29),

Archebald M'Wurycht V'Lauren (30), Alexander (31) his brother,

Gilfillane Makpatrik (32),

Ewin M'Ewin Roy (33),

Finlay M'Nicoll (34), Jhone M'Imlay V'Nicoll (35),

Donald Makriicoll (36),

Jhone M'Ewiu V'Gillepatrik (37), Patrik M'Conochie V'Gillepatrik (38),

Ewir M'Conochie Gorme (39),

Nicoll Ouir M'Ane VTatrik Moir (40),

Johne Dow M'Rorie (41), James Makrorie (42), and Jhone MTatrik V'Rorie (43), Laurence MTatrik V'Rorie (44), Malcum (45) his brother,

Patrik M'Couill V'Andoy  (1606 Bond age 95)(46), Duncan (47) his brother,
Jhone M'Conochie V'Andoy (48),

Archibald M'Gillespik (son of servant of Gilleasbuig,Campbell, 1382)V'Inrorycht (49), Malcum (50) his brother,

Jhone MTatrik M'Vyrricht (51),

Finlay M'Neill (52 another Finlay) with his bairns viz. : Jhone M'Finlay V'Neill (53), Donald (54) his brother, Archibald (55) his brother, Malcum (56) his brother, Laurence (57) his brother, Neill (58) his brother, Archibald M'Finlay V'Lauren (59), Finlay (60) his [brother], (Portbane see below)

Gillechrist M'Gillespie (son of servant of Gilleasbuig,Campbell, 1382) V'Lauren (61),

Malcum (56) brother to Archebald (55), Jhone (64 same as Johne Makindewer, 1585 BMR, 1586 Glenbokie Bond Portbane, Loch Tay, Johne
Makindeora in Portbane, witness MacDougall of Dunollie Bond for lifting cattle 1581) his son,

Johne M'Finlay V'Anevoir (Big John) (65), Jhone (66) his son, Donald (67) his brother, Laurence (68) his brother,

Neill M'Nicoll V'Neill (69),
Patrik M'Ewin V'Neill (70), Jhone (72) his son, Donald (73) his brother, Laurence (74) his brother,

Neill M'Ewin V'Lauren (75),

Jhone MTatrik V'Neill (76), Duncane MTatrik (77) his brother, Finlay (78) his brother,

Jhone M'Ane V'Ewin VTatrik (79),

Donald M'Couill V'Nicoll (80), Jhone Keir (81) his brother,

Malcum M'Dougall Reoch (Grizzled) (82),
Malcum M'Conochy V'Ane V'Doullreoch (Malcum son of Duncan son of John son of Grizzled Dougall) (83),

Walter M'Ane V'Coulreoch (84), Patrik (85) his brother, Dugall (86) his brother, Donald (87) his brother, Malcum (88) his brother,

Jhone M'Olchallum V'Anereoch (Grizzled John) (89),
Gilfillane M'Conychy V'Anereoch (90),
Malcum M'Conochie V'Reocht (91), Donald Ouir (92) his brother,

Duncan M'Olchallum V'Robert (93), Patrik (94) his brother,
Duncan Makcouill VTatrik (95),
Archibald MTatrik V'Robert (96),
Robert Makynstalkar VTatrik (97),

Donald M'Crome (Stooped) alias M'Lauren (98), Jhone (99) his son, Donald (100) and Dauid (101) his brothers, Duncan (102) and Malcum (103) his brothers,
Duncan M'Crom alias M'Lauren (104), Duncan (105) his son, Patrik (106) his brother, William V'Crome alias M'Lauren (107), Jhone (108) his son,
Jhone M'Anevoir V'Crome (John son of Big John son of the Stooped (109), Donald Ouir (110) his brother,

Allester M'Conochie V'Couill VTatrik (111),

Jhone Dow (112) his brother, Patrik M'Finlay V'Kobert (113),

to Colyne Campbell of Glenurquhay ; dated at Killin before witnesses John Campbell
son of Duncan Campbell of Glenlione John Campbell son of John Campbell of Murthlie, Charles M'Ane V'Tarlych (Campbell), Paul M'Clereich (Servitor), 22 May 1573.
The Black Book of Taymouth

This Bond, is the last legal document that I have found for the “Clanlawren”.

“The Roll of the Clannis (in the Hielands and Isles) that hes Captanes, Chieffs, and Chiftanes quhome on they depend. Oft tymes aganis the willis of Thair Landislords: and of sum speciale personis of branchis of the said is Clannes, 1587”

abridged list in this order:
Stewartis of Buchquhidder
Clanlawren (1573 Clanlawren of Glenurchy his militia )
Campbells of Lochnell
Campbell of Innerraw

Copyright Hilton McLaurin, 2017

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