Balquhidder McLarens

M’Olchallum V’Laurene in Balquhidder

The people who became the modern Balquhidder McLarens settled first in the west end of Balquhidder at the small Invernenty township and farms, which was later divided into East Invernenety and West Invernenty. The M'Olcallum VLaurane family gradually expanded to the east and moved into Strathearn. Their headman a Johne M'Olcallum V’Laurane was living in Comrie when he was murdered by a Glenbuckie Stewart in 1586.

Residing in 1509 Appin are these men, Dugall Makolcallum, Lauchlane Makolcollum, Johne Makdoule Makintyre, who are perhaps relatives of the M'Olcallum V’Laurane and Makyntyrs’ who went to Invernenty in 1512.

The first of these McLarens was a young Malcolm Maklawryn who rents a very small share of land for 1s, a new family man settling at Invernentie, Balquhidder in 1512. Soon to follow were his sons Laurane M'Olcallum V’Laurane, Johne M'Olcallum V’Laurane and Malcolm younger M'Olcallum V’Laurane.

Below is the text from that first V’Laurnee tenancy at the £6 13s 4d, Invernenty property with Malcum’s Makyntyr-in-laws. Without a doubt he married into this McIntyre family from Appin.

“At Stirling, on the first of June in the 512th year [ie 1512]. Innernenty; £6 13s 4d, with the consent of William Stewart who had the same in fee-farm, is now assessed to the underwritten tenants just as is particularised above, that is to say,

To Donald Makyntyr, £5 for two marklands and a half, to be paid in respect thereof annually, with part of the marts,

To John Makyntyr, £5 for two marklands and a half, to be paid in respect thereof annually, with part of the marts,

To Gilbert Makyntyr, £5 for two marklands and a half, to be paid in respect thereof annually, with part of the marts,

To Duncan Makyntyr, 1s for one markland and a 40 shillings land, to be paid in respect thereof annually, with part of the marts,

And to Malcolm Maklawryn, 1s for one markland and a 40 shillings land,

With this condition, that the rest of the tenants of the Lord of Buchquhiddir shall have licence to take timber for their necessities, without destruction [of the woodland], And for entry of a new infeudation £40, out of which sum £13 6s 8d is to be paid by the said tenants, and £26 13s 4d by the said William Stewart.”
(transcribed from Rotuli scaccarii Regum Scotorum Vol. VIII, Pg. 638)

It appears that Malcolm Maklawryn and Gilbert Makyntyr are paying a reduced rate for the woodlands which other tenants have the right to use without destruction. A forest conservation program in place by the Campbells.


The first mention of the surname Patterson within the M’Olchallum V’Laurne family is in the following record from 1533 - 1534 where we find another  M’Olchallum V’Laurene John McLaurin, Vicar of Balquhidder, murdered by three of his kinsmen who were implicated and then outlawed, called  “put to the horn”.

They were Nicholaii McKinreauch MLure father of Nigelli Nicholsone McLaure and a Duncani Patersone McLure

Nigelli Nicholsone McLaure’s brother John M'Nycoll V”Laurane and John’s  three sons are in the 1559 Bond below.

"Et de xl li compositionis bonorum eschaetorum Nicholaii McKinreauch McLaure Nigelli Nicholsone McLaure et suorum filiorum necnon Duncani Patersone McLaure ad cornu regis existentium pro interfectione quondam domini Johannis McLaure vicarii de Balquhiddir" Pg 69

"Item, remittit be the Kingis grace with quhilk I am a.d. 1533-4. chargit in my last comptis to James Chesholme of Classingall, the compositioun of the escheit of Nycholl McIlreoch and utheris quhilkis slew the vicar of Bal- quhidder, extending to . . . xl li." Pg. 207 Accounts of the lord High Treasurer of Scotland by Sir James Balfour Paul

Forty-six years after the first McLarens arrive in Balquhidder, Johne M'Olcallum VLaurane with his elderly father Malcolm Maklawryn and their twenty-four followers sign a Bond of Manrent and calpes on 12 March 1559 to Colin Campbell of Glenurchy. One of the witnesses is Malcolm M'Coule Keir, Clan Gregor Chief another is Gillefillane M'Laurane the Servitor from the northern Clanlaurane northern branch of the Laurences’.

In those days the calendar year ended on 26 March, unlike 31 December today.

Johne M'Olcallum VLaurane
Laurane M'Olcallum his brother
Malcum (Maklawryn) elder and
Malcum yongar M'Olcallum VLauranis brothers to the said Johne,

Johne MTatrik VLaurane
Neill and
Johne M'Lauranis his brothers

Nycoll M'Allyne VLaurane

Donald M'Neill VLaurane

John M'Nycoll VLaurane
Lauchlane M'Ane V'Nycoll
Malcum M'Ane VNycoll,
Dugall his brother

Duncane M'Coule (Dougall)V'Lauran
Johne elder
Johne younger
Donald and
Malcum brothers to the said Duncane M'Coule V'Lauran  

Patrik M'Ewyn VLaurane Duncane his son
Patrik M'Conachy V'Laurane

Robert M'Ane VLaurane

and Ewin M'Gillecrist VLaurane
dwelling in Balquhidder to Colyne Campbell of Glenurquhay.

Dated before these witnesses Alexander Stewart, William M'Neill V'Ewyn, Gillefillane M'Laurane [Servant of Fillan], John M'Gillespy V'Nab, Finlay M'Anevoill, Malcolm M'Coule Keir (M'Gregor, brother to John McCoul Chere, who is accused of murdering 18 Lauran householders 1558, acquitted  in 1602), Malcolm M'Robert, Gillecrist M'Yntallnour Moir and Duncan M'Moreist V'Caus 11 March 1559. The Black Book of Taymouth

The Clann Dubhghaill Cheire MacGregours also lived at Invernenty and nearby Drumlich, the two families would intermarry frequently, but there were problems, the MacGregors attempted to displace Invernenty MacLaurins with violence and perhaps were succesful in the 1550’s. Resulting in the Coule Keir MacGregors required to sign a Bond of Calpes to Campell of Glenurchy in 1559 as punishment.

Three days before the M’Olcallum V’Laurane Bond the M'Coule Kair M'Gregor also in Balquhidder signed a Bond of their own to Colin Vampbell of Glenurchy

“Patrik M'Conachy VCouil M'Gregor in Inwirzelly( Inverzeldie)
Johne his brother german (same parent),
Patrik M'Ane M'Gregour in Dalmarky (Dalmally?)
and Johne M'Ane his brother german
and Malcum M'Coule Kair (Culqheir) M'Gregor
dwelling in Balquhidder (Innerlochlarig) bind themselves to render Colyne Campbell of Glenurquhay faithful service on his expences when required ay and quhill the said Colyne and his airis stayk thame with sum rowmis or stedingis quhairby they may serue thame wpone thair awin expensis, and to give them their Calps. Dated before witnesses
James Euthwen , John Menzes brother of Robert Menzes of Comry, William M'Neill V’Ewyn,Finlay MTnstalker and James Pringill 9 March 1559.

In 1606 the M’Olcallum V’Laurane sign their last Bond to Duncan Campbell of Glenurchy

Malcolme M’Robert (Malcolm McDuncan McRobert, Baron Robertson of Carwhin in the 1573 northern Clanlaurane Bond) in Craig in Ardtollony (Balloch Loch Tay) and Patrik M'Couill in Derrie in Buchquedir, each of them aged ninety five years, declare that the deceased

James M'Olchallum V'Laurent in Bomuk,

Johne M'Olchallum V'Laurent there,(1559 Bond murdered in 1586)

Patrik M'Olchallum V'Laurent in Careglen (Carroglen,Cregan 1613), and

Robert M'Olchallum V'Laurent in Kingart, (Murdered see Pitcairn 1613 trial, burning of Ardveich)

disponed to the last deceased Colene Campbell of Glenurquhay and his heirs their Manrents and Calps ; and therefore

Patrik M'Robert V'Laurent in the Port at the east end of Locherne, (Portbane)

James M'Laurent in Laggan son to the said deceased Johne M'Olchallum,

and Thomas M'Laurent in Carnelea in Buchquhedir,

grandsons, sons, and nephews to the persons abovewritten, ratify the said bond, and of new give their bonds of Manrent and Calps to Sir Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhay knight and his heirs ;
Johne M'Carlich in Finlarg,
Molchallum M'Robert in Craig,
Donald M'Ean Duy in Derreyne,
Paule M'Clerich,
Gavine Hammiltoun notary,
Paule M'Clerich in Edinkip witnesses. At Finlarg 28 December 1606.
Black Book of Taymouth, pg. 137

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