1544 Patrick Mclaurene Testament at Balquhidder, not a clan chief after all.


1544 Patrick Mclaurene Testament at Balquhidder

"Inventarium omnium bonorum quondam Patricii Mclaurene factum apud Buffudder primo die mensis Februarii anno Domini jmvcxliiijo coram hiss testibus Finlaio Johanne Morson Patrcio Clark Finlaio Morson Duncano M'keytht et diversis aliis."

You will notice in this first paragraph that his name is Patrick Mclaurene not Patrick Mor Mclaurene as Margaret MacLaren wrote in her book "The MacLarens", she made that up, to make him appear as a chief of the MacLarens.

"The Chief at the time appears to have been John M'Patrick V'Laurane, who presumably was succeeded his father, Patrick Mor, in 1544" Margaret MacLaren, pg. 50.

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